Welcome to Sigma Tech Global LLC. Investment Opportunity

Sigma Tech Global LLC. is a privately held Limited Liability Corporation with Articles of incorporation filed in Texas.  We are a Veteran owned business, primarily doing contracts, project management and procurement within the government sector.  Services we provide within the Government sector and commercially, include:

  • Procurement,
  • Project Management,
  • Business Management,
  • Equipment Maintenance,
  • and Operational Support Services

The one thing we concentrate on, above all else, is procurement activities for government agencies.  This is what we consider our transactional business, and what we have developed our processes and procedures to be extremely successful with.  Most organizations within this industry, have a very “hit or miss” success rate with 

gaining awarded contracts from the government.  With over 20 years of experience, our founder has developed key processes and procedures allowing Sigma Tech Global to have a very high success rate at being awarded government contracts.

The Federal Government awards just over $500,000,000,000 each year in contracts to organizations who certify and qualify to do business with the many federal agencies.  Sigma Tech Global has developed the ability to be competitive and profitable within the bid process which all organizations are required to go through.  With a clear understanding of how contracts are awarded, the way decisions by government purchasers are made, and years of developed relationships within the industry, Sigma Tech Global has positioned itself to be very successful at what we do.


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